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Selections from the South Carolina Fiction Project

— Edited By Janette Turner Hospital, 2001

36 award-winning stories are collected in this anthology from the South Carolina Arts Commission's long-running Fiction Project.

JTH selected these stories from more than 200 winners from 17 years of the statewide creative writing contest.

"These stories reveal a complex world," she writes in the introduction of Inheritance, "a world full of slippage and bewilderment, where the old binary oppositions between southerner and non-southerner, urban and rural, safe and unsafe no longer apply."

The authors represent an extraordinarily diverse cross-section of the state’s literary community. Some are full-time writers or teachers; others find time during law careers or engineering jobs to produce their art. They live in small towns like Clemson and Ravenel; resorts areas like Hilton Head and Camden; and major cities like Columbia and Spartanburg.